Jan 1, 1997

Experimental and Numerical Dosimetry

Niels Kuster and Quirino Balzano, “Experimental and numerical dosimetry,” pp. 13–64, in Niels Kuster, Quirino Balzano, and James C. Lin, Eds., “Mobile Communications Safety,” Chapman & Hall, London, 1997, 1996, ISBN: 978-0-412-75000-7, 300pp.


“Recently, there has been interest by regulators, the public and the manufacturers of wireless devices in the issues relating to the safety of radio frequency (RF) energy. These issues require an understanding of the scientific underpinnings of both physics of RF energy and cellular biology. This book is designed to provide precisely such cross-functional expertise. The editors of this book intend to provide a reliable source for a sound scientific understanding of the issues and to stimulate future scientific advances in this area. Therefore, the audience for this book includes such diverse groups as scientists, governmental policy-makers and regulatory bodies, representatives of industry and the public at large.”

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