Dec 1, 1999

Antenna Near-field Evaluations and Compliance Tests with Safety Standards

Niels Kuster, “Antenna near-field evaluations and compliance tests with safety standards,” in Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook, K. Fujimoto and J. R. James, Eds. Artech House Publisher, Boston / London, second edition, 1999


“In the ever-changing field of mobile communications, keeping abreast of the newest technological advances is a must. This updated edition of the 1994 classic offers engineers, research specialists, and students a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the elements involved in antenna system design. It gives professionals sound advice on antenna selection, access to the latest propagation modeling formulas, and guidance on the latest RF safety standards and measurement techniques.
This is an extensively revised and updated new edition of the best-selling Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook. It provides the information you need to understand the relationship between the elements involved in antenna systems design for mobile communications. This book contains over 470 illustrations and 190 equations.”

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