Dec 10, 2018

Computational Animal Phantoms for Electromagnetic Dosimetry

Ilaria Liorni, Bryn Lloyd, Silvia Farcito, and Niels Kuster, in Computational Anatomical Animal Models: Methodological developments and research applications, Edited by Habib Zaidi, Pages 11-1 – 11-18, online December 2018

In this chapter, the minimal requirements for electromagnetic dosimetry of animal phantoms, including uncertainty and variation analysis, are discussed. The computational animal phantoms available in the literature are reviewed in detail, including descriptions of the techniques currently used to develop the numerical models. Further, the concept of functionalized anatomical models, the next generation of animal models, is introduced.

The book, one of the IPEM–IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology, as a whole provides a comprehensive review of the history and techniques used to develop computational models of small animals. The application of these models in preclinical imaging and experimental radiation therapy, as well as for calculation of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation dosimetry is covered. An overview of the approaches used to generate such computational models is provided, including the design, the use of anatomical image data, and the application of simulation tools to overcome computational hurdles.