Aug 23, 2010

An International Interlaboratory Comparison of Mobile Phone SAR Calculation With CAD-Based Models

Martin Siegbahn, Giorgi Bit-Babik, Jafar Keshvari, Andreas Christ, Benoît Derat, Vikass Monebhurrun, Christopher Penney, Martin Vogel, and Tilmann Wittig, in IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Volume 52, Issue 4, pp. 804–811, November 2010, online August 23, 2010

An international interlaboratory comparison for numerical calculations of head phantom SAR involving three mobile phones with computer-aided design-based models has been conducted in order to evaluate the repeatability of such calculations and for providing input in the development of standardized procedures. SAR in the SAM head phantom was calculated by ten laboratories in a blind study manner. The agreement in the results ranged from good to poor and supports the opinion that standardized procedures for numerical calculations of SAR can be developed. Most likely a significant reason for the observed deviations is simplifications made to the models, which implies that device modeling specifications are of utmost importance in standards.

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