Sep 21, 2009

Assessment of the Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Induced in the Human Body from Mobile Phones used with Hands-free Kits

Sven Kuhn, Eugenia Cabot, Andreas Christ, Myles Capstick and Niels Kuster, in Physics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 54, Number 18, pp. 5493–5508, 21 September 2009, online 26 August.

Ambiguous information on the reduction or enhancement of human exposure when using mobile phones with hands-free kits and whether hands-free kits require compliance testing currently exists in the literature. In this study we developed procedures for the testing of hands-free kits under worst-case and realistic usage conditions and applied these to a set of devices. It can be concluded that hands-free kits reduce the exposure of the entire head compared to the mobile phone operated at the head, but there might be very localized exposure enhancement in the ear. Specific compliance testing of hands-free kits is not necessary.