Apr 2, 2007

Carcinogenicity Study of GSM / DCS Wireless Communication Signals in B6C3F1 Mice

Thomas Tillmann, Heinrich Ernst, Sven Ebert, Niels Kuster, Wolfgang Behnke, Susanne Rittinghausen, and Clemens Dasenbrock, in Bioelectromagnetics, Volume 28, Issue 3, pp. 173–187, April 2007, online 3 October 2006

The study evaluating possible carcinogenic effects in mice exposed to radio-frequency-radiation found no evidence that the exposure of male and female B6C3F1 mice to wireless GSM and DCS radio frequency signals at a whole body absorption rate of up to 4.0 W/kg resulted in any adverse health effect or had any cumulative influence on the incidence or severity of neoplastic and non-neoplastic background lesions, and thus the study did not provide any evidence of RF possessing a carcinogenic potential.