Sep 15, 2006

Source of Funding and Results of Studies of Health Effects of Mobile Phone Use: Systematic Review of Experimental Studies

Anke Huss, Matthias Egger, Kerstin Hug, Karin Huwiler-Müntener and Martin Röösli in Environmental Health Physics, Volume 115, Number 1, pp. 1-4, January 2007, published online September 15

The objectives of this study was to examine whether the source of funding of studies of the effects of low-level radiofrequency radiation is associated with the results of studies. Of the 59 studies analyzed, the studies exclusively funded by industry reported the largest number of outcomes but were least likely to report a statistically significant result: the odds ratio was 0.11 (95% confidence interval 0.02 to 0.78), compared to studies funded by public agencies or charities. The authors concluded that the interpretation of results from studies of health effects of radiofrequency radiation should take sponsorship into account.

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