May 10, 2006

ROS Release and Hsp70 Expression after Exposure to 1,800 MHz Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields in Primary Human Monocytes and Lymphocytes

M. Lantow, M. Lupke, J. Frahm, M. O. Mattsson, N. Kuster and M. Simko, in Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, Volume 45, Number 1, pp. 55–62, May 2006

This study aimed to investigate if 1800 MHz RF-EMFs can induce reactive oxygen species release and/or heat shock protein 70 expression in human blood cells. Cells were exposed to CW or GSM-DTX and GSM-Talk signals at 2 W/kg for 30 or 45 min of continuous or intermittent exposure. Chemical- and heat treatment were used as positive controls respectively. The results demonstrated that RF-EMF exposure of human monocytes and lymphocytes, using different RF signals and exposure times, does not have any activating capacity to induce ROS release or Hsp70 expression. One exception: continuous and intermittent GSM-DTX exposure of human monocytes induced a decrease in ROS level during sham exposure, whereas human lymphocytes did not respond in the same manner.