Sep 1, 2006

Pulsed Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields: Dose-Dependent Effects on Sleep, the Sleep EEG and Cognitive Performance

Sabine J. Regel, Gilberte Tinguely, Jürgen Schuderer, Martin Adam, Niels Kuster, Hans-Peter Landolt, and Peter Achermann, in Journal of Sleep Research, Volume 15, Issue s1, p. 171, September 2006

Pulse-modulated radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) as emitted by mobile phones may influence brain physiology. Results are, however, inconsistent and evidence regarding the relation between field intensity and the magnitude of the RF EMF induced effect is still lacking. To test a possible dose-response relationship, we applied three exposure conditions at weekly intervals in a double-blind crossover design. No consistent effects on accuracy (percentage of correct responses) were observed.