Jun 28, 2006

Do GSM 900MHz Signals Affect Cerebral Blood Circulation? A Near-infrared Spectrophotometry Study

Martin Wolf, Daniel Haensse, Geert Morren, and Juerg Froehlich, in Optics Express, Volume 14, Number 13, pp. 6128–6141, June 2006

Effects of mobile phone type GSM 900MHz signals on the cerebral blood circulation were investigated using near-infrared spectrophotometry in a trial on 16 healthy volunteers. Borderline significant short term responses of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin concentration were observed during exposure, corresponding to a decrease of cerebral blood flow and volume. These were smaller than regular physiological changes and these responses may be spurious and require further study. No dose-response relation or long term response was detected.

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