May 15, 2006

Comparisons of Computed Mobile Phone Induced SAR in the SAM Phantom to That in Anatomically Correct Models of the Human Head

Brian B. Beard, Wolfgang Kainz, Teruo Onishi, Takahiro Iyama, Soichi Watanabe, Osamu Fujiwara, Jianqing Wang, Giorgi Bit-Babik, Antonio Faraone, Joe Wiart, Andreas Christ, Niels Kuster, Ae-Kyoung Lee, Hugo Kroeze, Martin Siegbahn, Jafar Keshvari, Houman Abrishamkar, Winfried Simon, Dirk Manteuffel, and Neviana Nikoloski, in IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Volume 48, Issue 2, pp. 397–407, May 2006

This inter-laboratory study carried out by an international task force comprising 14 government, academic, and industrial research institutions confirmed that the exposure assessed using SAM is conservative for adults and children. The deviation of up to well over 50% (k=1) between groups was larger than expected considering that the generic phone was generated to optimally fit in a FDTD grid.