May 1, 2004

Novel High Resolution Temperature Probe for Radiofrequency Dosimetry

Jürgen Schuderer, Thomas Schmid, Gerald Urban, Theodoros Samaras, and Niels Kuster, Physics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 49, Issue 6, pp. N83–N92, March 2004

A novel integrated thermistor probe for temperature evaluations in radiofrequency-heated environments was realized. The probe's sensitive area is based on a highly resistive 50 µm × 100 µm layer of amorphous germanium processed on a glass tip. The small dimensions allow measurements with a distance as close as 150 µm from solid boundaries. Due to its high temperature resolution of 4 mK and its short response time of the order of 10 ms, the sensor is very well suited for dosimetric measurements in strong absorption gradients. The influence of radiofrequency (RF) electric fields on the signal is minimized due to the high resistance of the sensor and the leads. The probe was successfully used to determine the highly nonuniform absorption distribution resulting from the RF exposure of cell cultures placed in Petri dishes.

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