May 1, 2000

Recommended Minimal Requirements and Development Guidelines for Exposure Setups of Bio-experiments Addressing the Health Risk Concern of Wireless Communications

Niels Kuster and Frank Schönborn, Bioelectromagnetics, Volume 21, Issue 7, pp. 508–514, May 2000

The evidence currently available on the potential health effects from electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure has been largely judged as being too tentative and inadequate to meet criteria for assessing health risks. Some of the main reasons for these shortcomings lie in the incomplete description of the exposure and poorly characterized dosimetry. Well-defined exposure conditions are essential to obtain reproducible and scientifically valuable results. To facilitate the development of optimized setups for specific bio-experiments, this paper lists basic requirements and provides development guidelines for evaluation, optimization, construction, and verification of exposure. In addition, definitions of minimum performance requirements for setups addressing the health risk concern of wireless communications are suggested.

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