Oct 1, 2000

Exposure to Pulsed High-frequency Electromagnetic Field During Waking Affects Human Sleep EEG

Reto Huber, Thomas Graf, Kimberly A. Cote, Lutz Wittmann, Eva Gallmann, Daniel Matter, Jürgen Schuderer, Niels Kuster, Alexander A. Borbély, and Peter Achermann, NeuroReport, Volume 11, Issue 15, pp. 3321–3325, October 2000

The aim of the study was to investigate whether the electro- magnetic field (EMF) emitted by digital radiotelephone handsets affects brain physiology. Healthy, young male subjects were exposed for 30 min to EMF (900 MHz; spatial peak specific absorption rate 1W/kg) during the waking period preceding sleep. Compared with the control condition with sham exposure, spectral power of the EEG in non-rapid eye move- ment sleep was increased. The maximum rise occurred in the 9.75±11.25Hz and 12.5±13.25Hz band during the initial part of sleep. These changes correspond to those obtained in a previous study where EMF was intermittently applied during sleep. Unilateral exposure induced no hemispheric asymmetry of EEG power. The present results demonstrate that exposure during waking modifies the EEG during subsequent sleep. Thus the changes of brain function induced by pulsed high-frequency EMF outlast the exposure period.

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