May 1, 1997

Dosimetric Evaluation of Handheld Mobile Communications Equipment with Known Precision

Niels Kuster, Ralph Kästle, and Thomas Schmid, (invited paper: Special Issue on EMC/EMI Problems in Microwave Frequency Range), IEICE Transactions on Communications, Volume E80-B, no. 5, pp. 645–652, May 1997

Recently several dosimetric assessment procedures have been proposed to demonstrate the compliance of handheld mobile telecommunications equipment (MTE) with safety limits, However, for none of these procedures has an estimation of the overall uncertainty in assessing the maximum exposure been provided for a reasonable cross-section of potential users. This paper presents a setup and procedure based on a highprecision dosimetric scanner combined with a new phantom derived from an anatomical study. This allows the assessment of the maximum spatial peak SAR values occurring in approximately 90% of all MTE users, including children, with a precision of better than 25%. This setup and procedure therefore satisfies the requirements of the FCC, as well as those drafted by a CENELEC working group mandated by the European Union.

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