Jul 1, 1993

Multiple Multipole Method for Simulating EM Problems Involving Biological Studies

Niels Kuster, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Volume 40, Issue 7, pp. 611–620, July 1993

The three-dimensional implementation of the multiple multipole (MMP) method, based on the generalized multipole technique (GMT), is presented. Its performance in simulating electromagnetic problems involving biological bodies is analyzed. In particular, the step-by-step simulation technique and the built-in procedures to validate the solution on a numerical basis are discussed and demonstrated by two examples. A comparison is made with other numerical techniques often applied in this field. The advantages of the MMP method are shown to be in its validation capability, in its efficiency for smoothly shaped bodies and in the achievable accuracy, in particular near boundaries. The method is especially suited to handle high-gradient fields in the vicinity of biological bodies.