Sep 30, 2014

Medicalphysicsweb Column Highlights IT'IS Latest Paper on The Virtual Population 3.0

The latest paper on the Virtual Population 3.0 (Gosselin et al., Development of a New Generation of High-Resolution Anatomical Models for Medical Device Evaluation: The Virtual Population 3.0, Physics in Medicine and Biology 2014, 59 (18): 5287–5303; published online August 21, 2014) was the topic of a recent column at medicalphysicsweb. The medicalphysicsweb site is a free online newsfeed maintained by IOP Publishing Limited that covers the latest, most interesting, and timely research in the fields of physical biology and medicine, including work published in Physics in Medicine and Biology. The news item, authored by Tami Freeman, detailed the improvements and enhanced features in the ViP 3.0, including the morphing and posing tools, as well as the methodologies developed to effect the enhancements, and featured quotes from lead author Marie-Christine Gosselin.


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