Sep 23, 2016

IT'IS Publication in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: MRM Highlights – Editor's Pick September 2016

The journal Magnetic Resonance in Medicine selects two articles per month to feature at their MRM Highlights – Editors Pick webpage. One of the selections for September 2016 is a recent paper from the IT'IS Foundation: Virtual Population-based assessment of the impact of 3 Tesla radiofrequency shimming and thermoregulation on safety and B1+ uniformity, by Manuel Murbach, Esra Neufeld, Eugenia Cabot, Earl Zastrow, Juan Córcoles, Wolfgang Kainz, and Niels Kuster. MRM interviewers Mathieu Boudreau and Nikola Stikov recently contacted  Manuel Murbach and Niels Kuster for a Q&A about the publication and the research behind it. The interview covered specifics about the findings in the paper, but also general information about the IT'IS Foundation and the Virtual Population models. In addition to the interview, Manuel submitted a narrated PowerPoint presentation, uploaded as audioslides at the MRM YouTube channel, to highlight the more technical aspects of the paper.

The MRM Highlights site serves to make the science published in the journal more accessible to the members of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) as well as to scientific community at large.


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