Jan 21, 2011

ETH Life on 2010 Hans-Eggenberger Prize to Sven Kühn

ETH Life, January 21, 2011

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich's campus magazine ETH Life featured an article about the 2010 Hans-Eggenberger Prize that was recently awarded to Sven Kühn for his PhD (EMF Risk Assessment: Exposure Assessment and Compliance Testing in Complex Environments) performed at ITIS and IIS.

The prize also includes a research fund of CHF 50,000 to co-sponsor his Postdoctoral research project on optimizing EMF ablation as therapy against Parkinson's disease. This project aims to develop alternatives to the past and current therapies against symptoms such as tremor, rigidity or dystonia. The goal is to combine the advantages of stereotactically applied lesions and deep brain stimulation (DBS) to improve safety and enhance control while reducing cost, thus aiming at making treatment more widely available in poorer countries too. This project will optimize a new approach to treatment using adaptable lesions shaped by highly controlled RF ablation.