Jan 24, 2006

EMF Health Risk Research at Monte Verità, Switzerland

The conference summary as well as the presentations of the Monte Verità conference on EMF health risk research are now available on the website (under "results"). The proposed recommendations were vividly discussed and the many valuable outcomes have been listed in the workshop summary.

"The workshop in Monte Verità was an excellent opportunity to get abreast of all of the current research in EMF around the planet, providing me with a better overview from which to begin the NTP research program.  In addition, the atmosphere of the meeting allowed for a frank discussion on the balance between studies of biological effects, not necessarily related to toxicity, and studies of clear toxicological concern.  These discussions will play a key role as the WHO moves forward with their evaluations of RF-EMF in the next few years."

Prof. Chris Portier, NIEHS, USA.