May 7, 2010

Canadian Television Item Features IT'IS Research into Exposure of Energy Saving Bulbs

On May 7, a national Canadian news program featured a recently completed study by the IT'IS Foundation on human exposure to electromagnetic fields from energy saving light bulbs. The study found that existing methods of assessing electromagnetic exposure at these frequencies are inadequate. A novel method was developed at IT'IS that provides a direct way to verify if the basic restrictions of ICNIRP are met. Measurements of a random sample of light bulbs found that all of them met the ICNIRP limits. However, the exposure was near the limit at close distances in some cases. The study concluded that testing is necessary prior to marketing in order to verify that the exposure limits are met. The study was financially supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

The news segment is called "Shedding Some Light: Part 2" and can be found by clicking on the link below and selecting "Episode 176".

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