Dec 12, 2007

sXv – NTP/NIEHS Project

The US government funded National Toxicity Program study on the possible health risks from high dose GSM and CDMA mobile phone exposures utilizes special reverberation chambers designed and manufactured by the IT'IS Foundation.

May 4, 2007: IT'IS achieved a major milestone by completing the construction of 21 reverberation chambers on schedule for our largest commissioned project yet, the development of the exposure setup for a two-year bioassay study coordinated by the NIEHS (National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences), USA to investigate the effects of long-term exposure to 900 and 1900 MHz RF signals on rats and mice. The optimal design, production and logistics structure devised by Myles Capstick, Albert Lenherr, Sven Kühn, and the SPEAG production team resulted in superiorly constructed chambers that are ready for prompt shipment to IITRI in Chicago for on-site installation.

July 17, 2007: IT'IS achieved another milestone in the NIEHS project with the installation of the 21 reverberation chambers in the new laboratory of IITRI in Chicago that was constructed exclusively for this experiment.

December 12, 2007: The exposure and animal facility at IITRI have been verified and inspected in detail by NIST as well as by experts of the National Toxicology Program (NTP).


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