Aug 15, 2023

TIP V2.0 – Multichannel and Phase-Modulation TI

The newly released Version 2 of the Temporal Interference Planning Tool supports multi-channel TI and phase modulation, human inter-subject variability assessment, and includes four head anatomies and a rodent computational anatomical model. TIP V2.0 also supports all features of TIBS-R V2.0.

Temporal interference (TI) stimulation, with its potential to selectively target deep brain regions while avoiding activation of overlaying structures, has generated great interest in conducting various in vitro, animal and human studies with TI.

There continues to be significant interest from research groups seeking to leverage our tools and our computational modeling expertise to create optimized protocols for ongoing and planned studies. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of a new version of our TI planning tool, TIP V2.0 – a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based tool, that allows neuroscientists and brain stimulation experts – regardless of their modeling experience – to efficiently optimize and analyze targeted TI stimulation configurations.


Video demonstration of the new features of TIP V2.0.


The new features of TIP V2.0 are:

  • a comprehensive library of highly detailed anatomical head models, complete with precomputed field exposures, enabling inter-subject variability assessment
  • a mouse model to facilitate TI research involving rodents
  • two new modes, i.e., multichannel TI and phase-modulation TI
  • an extended list of brain stimulation targets
  • optimal utilization of cloud-computing and parallelization, delivering an interactive user experience for efficient exploration of large stimulation parameter spaces

The two new TI modes offer distinct advantages:

  • With multichannel TI, researchers have the flexibility to combine up to eight independent channels, which offers two major advantages, the ability to (i) improve the focality and stimulation selectivity, even to achieve multifocal stimulation and (ii) distribute currents over larger scalp areas, effectively reducing the current densities and lowering the chances of confounding sensations in the subject.
  • With phase-modulation TI, researchers can apply sophisticated phase modulation schemes and complex modulation shapes, thereby enhancing stimulation efficiency and enabling selective stimulation of neural subpopulations associated with specific brain activities or functions.

As such, TIP V2.0 now fully supports the new functionality of the recently released advanced Temporal Interference Brain Stimulator for Research TIBS-R V2.0, which offers precise control over the immediate channel phase and opens up the possibilities for activity- or state-synchronized stimulation, as well as pulsed and burst stimulation.

In case you are a Sim4Life or TIBS-R user, please feel free to request a login to TIP V2.0 from our website.

For further information, please email us at or call +41 44 245 9898.