Aug 3, 2023

TIBS-R V2.0: Phase Modulation and Enhanced Reliability

The newly released version of the temporal interference stimulation device from TI Solutions AG is not only more reliable but also supports multi-channel phase modulation. This new feature broadens the range of possible experimental conditions by enabling non-invasive stimulation of deep brain targets with complex interference waveforms.

We are pleased to announce the release of TIBS-R V2.0 from IT’IS partner TI Solutions AG. This upgrade of the Temporal Interference Brain Stimulator for Research (TIBS-R) offers an important new feature, i.e., multi-channel phase modulation. This allows researchers to generate complex modulation waveforms inside the brain where the different currents overlap, for a wider range of experimental possibilities. Also included in the upgrade are improvements in the device’s reliability and stability.

Designed to meet the needs of rigorous research, TIBS-R V2.0 consists of a high-precision broadband intelligent current source, electrode connection box, and hardware-based in- and output interfaces. Built on the existing Python and MatLab-compatible application programming interface, V2.0 supports a diverse range of experimental protocols. The next version of the IT’IS TI planning tool, TIP V2.0 – our online tool developed specifically for TIBS-R V2.0 to be released as early as next week – supports all of the new features of TIBS-R V2.0 and reduces optimization of targeted neurostimulation protocols to three simple steps.

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