Jan 5, 2023

TIBS-R V1.02 Now Available for Temporal Interference Research

Today, TI Solutions AG released Version 1.02 of its TIBS-R device, which will be demonstrated next week at NANS2023 in Las Vegas. The design of the device and the maximally flexible software are optimized for advanced temporal interference brain stimulation research.

After exactly 3 years of intense collaboration with Z43 partners, the IT’IS Foundation and Schmid & Partner Engineering AG, TI Solutions has completed the development of its Temporal Interference Brain Stimulator for Research (TIBS-R).

Demo of the Temporal Interference Brain Stimulator for Research (TIBS-R).

TIBS-R V1.02 is composed of a high-precision, broadband (0 – >100 kHz) intelligent current source, an electrode connection box, and hardware-based in- and output interfaces. The device includes various safety features and is controlled via a flexible application programming interface in Python and MatLab that supports millions of possible experimental protocols. For a glimpse of TIBS-R's potential, watch this video.

TIBS-R (see specifications here) is available with a dedicated TI Planning Tool, TIP V1.0.

For further information about the device, please contact