Feb 15, 2023

First release of o²S²PARC-powered commercial software

We are thrilled to announce that today IT’IS partner ZMT released S4Llite, a cloud-based, online accessible variant of its advanced desktop computational Sim4Life life sciences platform – for scientific use free of charge!

S4Llite encompasses Sim4Life’s computer aided design, simulators, visualization, and post-processing tools, and even bundles them with the detailed whole-body anatomical model Yoon-sun from our Virtual Population, to study interactions between physical exposure and physiological responses and to design safe and effective therapies and devices in a validated anatomical environment. S4Llite is powered by o2S2PARC, the interactive online platform we developed under the NIH SPARC Program to ensure sustainable, reproducible, and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) computational modeling in the field of bioelectronic medicine, from neural interfaces to peripheral nerve recruitment and the ensuing impact on organ function.

One of the key strengths of S4Llite is the modeling, investigation, and optimization of neural interfaces for stimulation and sensing – an application of particular relevance to the SPARC Program.

o2S2PARC enables the creation of complex computational modeling pipelines, based on a wide range of services developed by IT’IS, SPARC researchers, and others, that can be shared with collaborators and turned into easy-to-use, web-accessible applications. While o2S2PARC has already been used outside the publication of computational models and data analyses from SPARC researchers (see SPARC Portal), for example to power a treatment planning tool for spinal cord stimulation to restore locomotion to paraplegics and for temporal interference brain stimulation planning, this is the first time a commercial company has used it to operate and deploy its software.

We are proud that we were able to contribute to this success and consider it a testimonial to the versatility and maturity of our o2S2PARC platform.