May 20, 2022

TIBS-R & TIBS-R-MRI: New Technology for Temporal Interference Research

Today, TI Solutions AG released a demo of the final prototype device for advanced research in temporal interference brain stimulation.

After nearly two years of intense collaboration with the IT’IS Foundation, TI Solutions AG has completed the prototype development of its Temporal Interference Brain Stimulator for Research (TIBS-R).

The final prototype exists in two variants: a standard configuration (TIBS-R) and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-compatible configuration (TIBS-R-MRI). Both variants consist of the battery-powered Intelligent Current Source with eight fully differential channels that can be connected to any third-party electrodes via an Electrode Connection Box. It is controlled via the Application Programming Interface sent by a control computer via optical connections.

The Intelligent Current Source and its external components make TIBS-R/TIBS-R-MRI the most flexible instrument for performing advanced temporal interference research. It allows for millions of different stimulation scenarios in the lab or during functional MRI scans. The specifications are listed here.

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