Sep 1, 2022

Temporal Interference Planning Tool V1.0

Temporal interference (TI) and its potential to selectively stimulate deep brain regions without activating overlaying structures has recently attracted huge interest and stimulated a large number of animal and human studies.

At IT’IS, we have been inundated with requests from research groups to use our computational modeling tools and expertise to create optimized protocols for planned or ongoing studies.

On the one hand, we can hardly keep up with the large demand, but on the other hand, we believe that it would be of great benefit to the field to provide neuroscientists and brain stimulation experts who have no expertise or experience with modeling with a tool to optimize electrode placement and stimulation currents for targeted TI stimulation.

IT'IS has worked hard to develop a solution that is both sophisticated and easy to use, even for non-modeling experts. The result is TIP, a novel online tool powered by o²S²PARC technology that reduces optimization of targeted neurostimulation to three simple steps – as shown in this user video:

(i) Definition of target brain regions and constraints on potential electrode placement

(ii) Identification of an optimized stimulation protocol – based on sophisticated electromagnetic simulations involving detailed anatomical head models, automated multi-goal optimization, and interactive refinement – and export of a detailed report that contains quantitative and visual information

(iii) Interactive exposure analysis using the powerful functionality of Sim4Life:web

User video: Introduction to the new TI Planning Tool V1.0.

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The choice of exposure parameters optimized with TIP V1.0 can be used directly for performing experiments with the TIBS-R V1.0 system of TI Solutions AG.

More advanced studies are possible by exporting the configurations to Sim4Life. If needed, our experts are always available to explore more advanced configurations in more detail.

The benefits and features of TIP V1.0 are manifold:

  • Automatic and/or interactive identification of optimized electrode placement and exposure conditions
  • The tool is based on libraries of precomputed field distributions for rapid answers and an interactive experience; those fields were obtained using our state-of-the-art, highly detailed MIDA head model, as well as the newest version of our tissue properties database
  • Multi-goal optimization considers target exposure magnitude, stimulation selectivity, and unwanted collateral stimulation
  • Generation of an exportable report with predefined visualizations and quality metrics of the best configurations identified
  • Interactive exploration of predicted exposures in Sim4Life:web
TIP V1.0, Step 1: Electrode selection and placement.

TIP V1.0, Step 2: Identification of the optimal configuration, visualization and report generation.

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TIP V1.0, Step 3: Exposure Analysis, interactive exploration and visualization in Sim4Life:web.

Features that will be included in forthcoming versions:

  • a broader field library (more head models, other species, different electrode shapes)
  • functionality for subject-specific, image-based modeling
  • a repository of TI stimulation protocols established by different research groups
  • additions requested by the users

Request a login to TIP V1.0 from our website.

Make sure you also check out the latest TI Brain Stimulator for Research (TIBS-R) from our Z43 partner TI Solutions AG.

At IT’IS, we are committed to supporting innovative, safe, and effective therapies through leading-edge computational life sciences.

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