Nov 9, 2022

New Research Fund to Support Female Engineers

A new research fund has been established at the IT’IS Foundation specifically to support female applicants seeking research fellowship positions in the area of electromagnetics and information technology.

Almost a year has passed since the untimely death of Katja Poković, the former Director of Laboratories and Services at SPEAG. To honor Katja’s legacy and commitment to science, we are very pleased to announce today the establishment of the "Katja Poković Research Fund" at the IT'IS Foundation.

Katja – a director at SPEAG and co-owner of SPEAG, ZMT, TI Solutions AG – was one of the main pillars of Z43, and was, foremost, a dedicated supporter of the IT'IS Foundation. Throughout her career, she continually strived to improve near-field evaluation methods and dosimetry while supporting all of Z43 with her comprehensive expertise.

To continue Katja's commitment to science and engineering, her mother, Marija Poković, has made a very generous donation to establish a research fund at IT'IS to keep Katja's memory alive and to contribute to further research and education in her field of interest.

The purpose of the "Katja Poković Research Fund” is to

  • promote and support women engineers
  • expand the scientific basis of safe and beneficial applications of electromagnetic energy and information technologies
  • advance near-field electromagnetic measurement technologies
  • improve methods for calibration of electromagnetic sensors

Two funding instruments are available: research fellowship positions specifically for incoming female applicants and funding to support research projects of project leaders, postdoctoral fellows, or Ph.D. students employed by the IT'IS Foundation.

We are extremely grateful to Marija Poković and her family for establishing this research fund, and we are committed to continue to strive to realize Katja's vision.

Details about the Katja Poković Research Fund can be found here.

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