Dec 3, 2021

Launch of TI Solutions Early Adopter Program

IT’IS joins forces with TI Solutions AG to establish an Early Adopter Program to advance temporal interference stimulation technology

Just over a year has passed since we reported that IT’IS had started to develop a prototype of a high-end temporal interference (TI) stimulation device for research. Today, we are excited to announce that the first series of investigational devices, jointly developed and produced with TI Solutions AG, will become available at the end of February 2022.

TI stimulation is a non-invasive technique that can be used to apply interfering electrical fields to modulate neural activity via standard electrodes mounted on the head. This technology is highly promising, as it allows structures located deep in the brain to be targeted.

TI Solutions’ stimulation device is a 4-channel intelligent current source that enables millions of different stimulation scenarios in the lab and in combination with other diagnostics modalities such as electroencephalography or magnetic resonance imaging. The specifications of the device are summarized here.

To foster exploration of the applications of this new TI stimulation technology via short proof of concept studies, TI Solutions is seeking research groups at academic educational and research institutions from around the world who are interested in using the new device in their research projects to participate in TI Solutions’ Early Adopter Program.

Under the program, participating groups will be provided with a leased device at cost for the duration of their project. All necessary training and technical and engineering support will be included. In parallel, IT’IS Foundation scientific staff will assist the researchers in the development of experiment-specific graphical user interfaces. Participating groups will also benefit from general advice via the company’s knowledge network.

The Early Adopter Program will be instrumental in furthering well-controlled, high-quality research studies and identifying relevant exposure parameters to enable further optimization of the complexity and size of future TI devices.

Interested in becoming part of TI Solutions’ Early Adopter Program?

Please contact us at to arrange a conference call for an initial discussion before submitting a written proposal. Submitted proposals will be evaluated by the Board of TI Solutions for the scientific significance, topicality, originality and feasibility of the project. Projects that are approved by the Board will be admitted to the Program. Note that each study admitted to the program must provide proof that the study has gained ethics approval from the appropriate regulatory institution as a prerequisite for receiving the TI stimulation device for the proposed research project. Program participants will receive regulatory documentation/support related to the device to aid the ethical approval process. Only feasible implementations of the device with potential for greatest scientific impact that are capable of yielding actionable results within 1–2 years will be considered.