Oct 8, 2020

Investigational Device for Temporal Interference Research

IT’IS is Key in the Development of a New Technology for Temporal Interference Research. The First Prototype and Treatment Planning Tool will become available Early Next Year.

Temporal interference (TI) stimulation is a noninvasive method that uses scalp electrodes to apply interfering high-frequency electrical currents for deep brain stimulation. Although this new technique holds great promise for both research and clinics, unfortunately its exploitation has been limited so far. This is mainly due to the lack of adequate hardware, since it requires unique specifications (e.g., higher frequencies, low nonlinearity, and electrical isolation between multiple currents) that are not currently available in commercial brain stimulation devices.

But this is about to change.

At the end of last year, TI Solutions AG was founded by the initiative of Nir Grossman (Imperial College London), Ed Boyden (MIT), Alvaro Pascual-Leone (Harvard Medical School), and Esra Neufeld and Niels Kuster (both of IT’IS) with the aim of developing high-quality and flexible stimulation devices and treatment planning tools (TPT). As a first step, IT’IS was mandated to develop and test the concept of a high-end TI stimulation device for research. In parallel, IT'IS has committed to implementing a comprehensive and easy-to-use treatment planning tool based on its o2S2PARC platform.

After several months of intensive work, we are proud to announce that the prototype device, code name TIBS-R (TI Brain Stimulator for Research), is ready. It is a very smart 8-dual-channel current source with comprehensive safety features and allows for millions of different stimulation scenarios in the lab or in any other setup, including magnetic resonance imaging environments.

The investigational TIBS-R device will be provided by TI Solutions AG at minimal cost to laboratories interested in setting up high-quality TI stimulation research. IT’IS is very pleased to be part of this exciting endeavor and will provide the additional TPT.

If you are interested in purchasing a TIBS-R or if you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact Our teams are continuously seeking further input regarding the most important applications and specifications of the devices under development to ensure that the hardware and software we develop will meet the needs of the research community in the best possible way.

More information about TI Solutions AG can be found here.