Jun 24, 2019

IT'IS at the 10974 Joint Working Group in Nancy

The ISO 10974 Joint Working Group (JWG) met from June 19 – 21, 2019 to discuss safety aspects of the electromagnetic compatibility of active implants during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exposures. The IT'IS team – represented by Dr. Tolga Goren, Dr. Aiping Yao, and Prof. Niels Kuster – presented the two new standard active implanted medical devices SAIMD-1 (128 MHz) and SAIMD-U, which are used to ensure that testing setups are validated and giving correct results compared to numerically derived targets. A video demonstrating the use of these devices for validating the piX system (ZMT Zurich MedTech) can be found here.

Dr. Aiping Yao also provided an overview of her recent thesis work, which is focused on the test field diversity method as well as modeling of temperature rise near implant tips. Keep an eye out for those publications coming soon!

The event, kindly organized by Healtis in Nancy FR, included some tasty dinners with colleagues and friends, a tour of downtown Nancy, and, in the evenings, an amazing light show!

For more information about the city of Nancy, the tourism board has kindly provided a Powerpoint slide deck as well as a short aerial tour by drone. You can also find the light show's trailer, the guide with an explanation of each scene, and, finally, footage of the light show itself for those who wish to relive the experience! Thanks to Michael Steckner for providing this.

For more information on the growing SAIMD family, check out the product page from ZMT Zurich MedTech AG. To learn more about our efforts in MRI safety evaluations for active implants and more, contact us at

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The ISO 10974 Joint Working Group (JWG)

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The light show