Jan 25, 2019

"Brown Bag Lunch" Seminar Series: Special Guest Till Bay

Dr. Till Bay, CEO and co-founder of Incremed AG and CEO of Comerge AG, was a guest speaker in the BBL seminar series on Thursday 24 January 2019 with a presentation on "AR for Medical Interventions".

Till first provided some background information about Comerge in general, then described work on the Incremed project in collaboration with University Clinic Balgrist.

Together with surgeons, Incremed develops augmented-reality (AR) based instruments to support decision-making during surgery. One product in development is Sono-Eyes, augmented ultrasound that projects ultrasound images with an AR headset at the location on the body being scanned in real-time. Sono-Eyes allows doctors to view the anatomical structures of a patient's body during a scan without having to look away from the patient to view the image on a screen. The platform is an ideal tool for training that could help make ultrasound examinations more widely accessible to physicians across several disciplines.

Another Incremed project involves an AR approach to help expedite the on-site shaping of the titanium rods used in spinal fusion surgery.

Many thanks to Till for his visit to Z43 and for filling us in on the fascinating work Incremed is doing at the interface of human and artificial intelligence.


BBL guest Till Bay chatting with Sven Kuhn