Jun 1, 2018

Radio Oncology Team of Cantonal Hospital Aarau Visits IT'IS

Members of the Radio-Oncology Center of the Cantonal Hospitals of Aarau (KSA) and Baden (KSB) visited the IT'IS Foundation on Thursday, 31 May 2018. The physician-in-chief of the team, Stephan Bodis, was joined by Gerd Lutters, Andreas Meister, Jürg Heuberger, Michael Heuser, Shaka Khan, Emely Rabe, Istvan Takacs, Kirsten Steinauer, and Sandra Spreiter.

Prof. Bodis, a long-time collaborator of the IT'IS Foundation on hyperthermia research, proposed the visit to give members of his team a chance to become acquainted with the Foundation's hyperthermia researchers, learn about new developments in hyperthermia applicators and numerical solvers at IT'IS, and tour some of the facilities at Z43. The visit opened with a welcome address and overview of Z43 research activities delivered by IT'IS founder Niels Kuster. Esra Neufeld, IT'IS project leader for computational life sciences (CLS), continued with information about the IT'IS CLS research program and a description of the features of ZMT's flagship product, the comprehensive simulation platform Sim4Life. PhD candidate Redi Poni discussed his research in the broader context of the hyperthermia interests of the Foundation. The group then had a chance to visit the Yellow Chamber, where Earl Zastrow demonstrated experiments to assess the safety of medical implants, then on to AllyPally and the Cave Lab for demonstrations by Mark Douglas and Romain Meyer of SPEAG on the use of DASY6 and cSAR3D for exposure assessments of wireless devices. The visit wrapped up with offerings of wine and cheese and other apéro goodies before the visitors returned to Baden.

Many thanks to Stephan Bodis and his team for this productive and informative visit!

KSAintro 2

Welcome address

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Close-up examination of a hyperthermia applicator antenna

KSAtour 2

Earl discussing medical implant safety assessment

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DASY6 demo

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