Oct 23, 2018

IT'IS SIM-CORE Continues Full-Speed into Its Second Year

Following the successful completion of the first year of SPARC funding, IT’IS has entered its second year of support for establishing a unique modeling and simulation platform within the SPARC program

Already 12 months have passed since we announced the award by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the development and implementation of the o2S2PARC platform – short for Open Online Simulations for Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions.

The aim of o2S2PARC is to develop an online framework capable of hosting and connecting simulations to create predictive, multiscale, multi-physics models spanning from modulation sources acting on the peripheral nervous system as access points for modulation of organ functional response.

Since the kick-off of the project in September of last year, much progress has been made. The most important result is that we have developed a prototype to demonstrate that our vision is technologically feasible. We have also been able to identify the technologies best suited to help us achieve our ambitious goal of bringing these very complex simulations online.

In year two of o2S2PARC, we will continue with the implementation of the platform with particular focus on the development of an intuitive graphical user interface to make as user-friendly as possible the generation of computational models, integration of physiological models developed by SPARC teams within functionalized reference anatomical models, and the execution of applied studies. The minimum viable product services (primarily electromagnetic and electrophysiology solvers), of which initial versions were implemented during year one, will be expanded to full functionality. Another priority is the further development of the NEUROCOUPLE and NEUROFAUNA anatomical models.

Below you will find a short video describing the mission of the overall SPARC program.