Jul 11, 2018

Zurich 43 Hosts Meeting of NEUROMAN Project Partners

Zurich 43 was the site of a meeting of the NEUROMAN project partners on Tuesday, July 10, with attendees from the IT'IS Foundation, ZMT Zurich Medtech AG, Ajou University School of Medicine, Dongguk University College of Medicine, DYMSTEC, and HCTM.

Bryn Lloyd, IT'IS Virtual Population (ViP) Project Leader, opened the meeting with an introduction to the project's curation, segmentation, registration, and functionalization activities. Silvia Farcito and Eveline Huber continued with a more detailed discussion of the curation and tissue segmentation processes, and Antonino Cassará discussed applications of neurophysiology modeling in whole body models. Prof. Min Suk Chung of Ajou University provided an update on the general progress of the academic project partners, and Dr. Beom Sun Chung showed averaged models of the Visible Korean Human (VKH) and a plan to generate new data on the human head. Dr. Jin Seo Park of Dongguk University presented sectioned images and 3D models of the monkey whole body and of the VKH. Andrea (CK) Yeom, DYMSTEC Sales Manager for information and communication technology (ICT), wrapped up the meeting with an exploration of ideas for how the findings of NEUROMAN might be commercialized in the future.

After an intense afternoon of presentations and discussions, the participants enjoyed dinner at Restaurant Hermanseck.

Many thanks to all for a productive meeting!


NEUROMAN meeting in session


The Korean partners shared copies of the collected Anatomy Comic Strips – developed as a study aid for anatomy students – that have been translated into English