Jan 24, 2018

Game On! Z43’s Annual Party, 2018 “The Next Level” Edition

The annual Zurich 43 party, this year with the gamer theme “The Next Level”, was held at Halle 622 in Zurich-Oerlikon on Friday 19 January 2018. The enormous main hall of this event venue famous for its unique and authentic industrial vibe was fitted out as a games arcade/darts pub/pool hall/dance floor mash up. Partyers, many decked out according to the “Gamer Extravaganza” dress code, entered via the foosball and air hockey zones in the front section of the hall, through the center section with darts and virtual reality stations, onward between pinball machines and pool tables to the dance floor and stage at the back. The exquisite food was prepared and served “flying style” by Franzoli Catering, starting with an apéro riche of tasty tidbits followed by delectable salads. Specialty food stations scattered around the rim of the hall were especially popular. A wide variety of small-bite desserts were offered, with more sweets set out around the hall on tiered serving plates. A mix of bar stools, couches with low tables, and bistro seating offered plenty of options for socializing while enjoying the scrumptious food and wine offered by attentive servers. The dance floor was open the whole evening with music by Christian Niederer's PLAN followed by Fresh & Cool.

Niels Kuster, the game master and host of the evening, took the stage in a Pacman suit, after a video introduction showing Z43 Pacman gobbling up competitor “Ghosts”. Niels summarized Z43’s success stories of the past year for the partiers – including special guests, the global sales distributors – while gently roasting the people who made the successes possible. The party continued into the wee hours with more dancing.

Many thanks to Jacqueline Pieper, Sibyl Akrong, and the rest of the team for once again planning an unforgettably fabulous party!

z43part2018 00

Celebrating "The Next Level" at this year's Z43 party.

z43part2018 01

The massive main hall at Halle 622 in Zurich-Oerlikon.

z43part2018 03

Hello, Super Mario and Dream-Man!

z43part2018 04

Serious "Gamers extravaganza".

z43part2018 05

Where is your Luigi-outfit, Antonino?

z43part2018 06

Flying visit from the dark side of the force.

z43part2018 07

Our ladies in black, Graziella and Virginie.

z43part2018 08

Mike, Sven, and Peter refreshing memories.

z43part2018 09

Livio, Eduardo and Livia having a good time.

z43part2018 10

Wow-plates created by the Franzoli-crew.

z43part2018 11

Who doesn't like air hockey?

z43part2018 12

Utmost concentration at the pinball machines.

z43part2018 13

Playing in style like a pro.

z43part2018 14

Venturing into the virtual world.

z43part2018 16

Christian Niederer's PLAN in action.

z43part2018 18


z43part2018 19

Fresh & Cool in action.

z43part2018 20

Warming up the dance floor.

z43part2018 21

UD and Henner clearly feeling at home.

z43part2018 22

Nitin getting new movie ideas from Tolga and Harry.

z43part2018 23

Eric taking a breather from the games.

z43part2018 24

Attention everyone: Pacman is about to start!

z43part2018 25

Niels Kuster "gently roasting" his employees.

z43part2018 27