Aug 30, 2018

"Brown Bag Lunch" Seminar Series: Special Guest Theo Samaras

Professor Theodoros Samaras of the School of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece was a special guest presenter in the IT'IS Brown-Bag-Lunch (BBL) seminar series on Tuesday 28 August 2018. His presentation was on "Magnetic Nanoparticles as Therapeutic Agents: Focusing on the Role of a Scientist and Engineer".

Professor Samaras began his presentation with a general introduction to nanotechnology and metallic nanoparticles, a subcategory of which includes magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs). MNPs – which are used as an adjuvant to radiation or chemotherapy to localize radiofrequency-induced hyperthermia to tumor tissues – are spheroidal, <50 nm in diameter, comprise <100,000 atoms, and are stabilized via nano-encapsulation or with surface coatings made of organic or inorganic materials. While MNPs smaller than 10 nm in diameter are best suited for tumor penetration, slightly larger MNPs accumulate better in tumors, and even larger MNPs of >100 nm are best for magnetic capture. Theo and his group investigate how MNPs enhance interactions between magnetic fields and living matter towards facilitating the adoption of hyperthermia and MNPs in the emerging field of nanomedicine.

The BBL presentation marks the end of Theo’s extended visit to Zurich43 to collaborate on several projects. Thank you, Theo, for your ongoing vital contributions to Z43’s research efforts and for a super interesting presentation - we look forward to your next visit!

28.08.18 theo talk cropped

Theo explaining the impact of MNP size