Feb 23, 2017

Faculty and Masters Students from the University of Kassel Visit Zurich43

Prof. Dr. sc. techn Dirk Dahlhaus and Dr. Ing. Marc Selig of the University of Kassel Communications Laboratory visited Zurich43 on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. The two scientists were accompanied by more than 40 students of the university's Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE) masters degree program, who were curious to tour the facilities and to learn about ongoing research activities. The visit started with the presentation of Myles Capstick, the associate director of the IT'IS Foundation, who delivered a general introduction about the foundation's research. Esra Neufeld subsequently presented some specific work of the IT'IS Computational Life Sciences group. The visitors were then split into two groups for a tour of the laboratories. Fin Bomholt, deputy director of SPEAG's calibration laboratory, presented the "AllyPally" high-frequency facility for specific absorption rate calibrations and measurements, which has five robot-based calibration stations for cSAR3D units in a fully shielded, self-contained environment. Myles showed the "yellow chamber" – where medical implants are tested for MRI safety – and the ICEy near-field scanning system for analysis of electromagnetic interference and compatibility. Overall, it was a great opportunity for the students to learn about applications of their chosen field of study and to see a world-class research facility in action.


Esra Neufeld introducing Sim4Life.


Fin Bomholt showing the "AllyPally" facility.


Myles Capstick showing the "yellow chamber".

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