Dec 21, 2017

"Brown Bag Lunch" Seminar Series Special Guest Prof. Dr. med. Friedhelm Hummel

Prof. Dr. med. Friedhelm Hummel, the Chair of Clinical Neuroengineering of the Brain Mind Institute, SV, EPFL, visited the IT'IS Foundation on Tuesday, December 19 and was a guest speaker in the Brown Bag Lunch Seminar series. The title of his talk was "Non-invasive brain stimulation for recovery: Towards precision medicine."

Prof. Hummel's research is in the area of translational neuroscience, especially functional reorganization and recovery after focal brain lesions. His research group uses multimodal approaches to systems neurosciences, including modern neuroimaging, non-invasive brain stimulation, and psychophysical and clinical evaluations. Prof. Hummel's presentation, which showcased his group's engagement in neuromedicine and ambitious pursuit of precision medicine solutions, was met with great interest and stimulated a lot of discussion. Prof. Hummel was joined by several members of his research team.

Many thanks to Prof. Hummel for a fascinating presentation!

BBL20171219 1

From the left, E. Neufeld, T. Morishita, F. Hummel, G. R. F. Salamanca, E. E. Raffin, and A. Cassarà