Nov 14, 2016

National Future Day 2016 – Gamma-Detector

On Thursday  November 10, six enthusiastic 11 – 13 year olds visited Z43 for Swiss National Future Day 2016, a motivational campaign to provide young people with opportunities to experience the working world and explore possible career paths. Each of this year's participants – David Akrong, Ella Schmid, Lhamo Gomartsang, Nik Blanc (referred by Stefan Schild), and David Hogarth and Cyril Winter (referred by Mark Douglas) manufactured a working gamma detector.

The day started with a project meeting headed by Ferenc Murányi, where our junior engineers were introduced to just the right amount of theory on radiation and detection. From there, they proceeded to the RD-Area to build their detectors. All participants completed their projects on time and within budget! 

The event was a big hit! The youngsters clearly enjoyed their time at Z43, and many have already asked whether they may join next year's future day event at Z43. Many thanks to all Z43 staff who helped out and to all participants, whose engagement made the day a great success!





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