Jan 13, 2016

Avicenna Roadmap on In Silico Clinical Trials Published

Davnah Payne represented the IT’IS Foundation as one of 525 experts from 35 countries, including 22 of the 28 members of the European Union in the Avicenna Action, funded by the European Commission. This industry-driven initiative proceeded as an 18-month consensus process that culminated with the production of a research and technological development roadmap, now published online.

The document, entitled “In Silico Clinical Trials: How Computer Simulation Will Transform the Biomedical Industry”, provides an overview of how biomedical products are presently developed and where in silico clinical trials technologies are currently being used. Barriers that prevent wider adoption of in silico methodologies are identified, and a detailed list of research and technological challenges that require pre-competitive funding to foster broadened applicability are derived.

The authors recognize the potential for huge socioeconomic benefits and urge international and national research funding agencies to allocate significant resources to support in silico approaches. Likewise, industrial and academic stakeholders should form pre-competitive alliances to coordinate and implement public and privately funded research on these topics. Finally, regulatory bodies are urged to embrace innovation in collaboration with academia and industry to develop the standards, protocols, and shared resources needed to implement the use of in silico clinical trials for evaluation of the safety and the efficacy of biomedical products.

The roadmap is available for download at Research Gate.



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