Dec 18, 2016

3D Atlas of Human Embryology

A recent paper by Bernadette de Bakker and colleagues of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam NL, published in Science, establishes a comprehensive 3D Atlas of Human Embryology based on digital images of serial sections of 34 human embryos of the Carnegie Collection. The models, taken from embryos between stages 7 (15 – 17 days old) and 23 (56 – 60 days old), are based on the original reconstructions and are presented with all necessary detail preserved. The atlas, which provides an online educational and reference resource for studies on early human development, growth, and congenital malformations, was created by students and embryologists of the Department Anatomy, Embryology and Physiology of AMC and is being made freely available to the scientific community to facilitate rigorous embryology education and research.