Oct 2, 2015

New Online Release of IT'IS Database Features Acoustic Properties and T1/T2 Relaxation Times

The IT’IS Foundation announces a new release of its database of tissue properties, version 3.0 (DOI: 10.13099/VIP21000-03-0), which includes acoustic properties and T1 and T2 relaxation times. Acoustic parameters listed at the database include tissue-specific values for the speed, attenuation, and non-linearity or distortion of sound waves. The compiled longitudinal T1 and transversal T2 relaxation times originate from in vivo MRI studies of healthy adult humans scanned at 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla. Detailed information on data collection and comprehensive lists of references are available for download.

The tissue properties database was initiated by IT'IS to provide the computational life sciences community with values for EM, thermal, and fluid properties of biological tissues in a free, easily accessible, and dynamically evolving manner. Database users are encouraged to consult the original literature to judge the appropriateness of the values for their individual needs. Users are also encouraged to visit the users' forum or to contact us directly ( to provide feedback, suggest corrections to values, suggest additional values, and offer ideas for improvement. Input from users is a powerful tool for quality control and contributes to the continued upkeep and relevancy of the database.

This latest addition to tissue parameter values available at the database webpage is evidence of the continued commitment of the IT’IS Foundation to support the computational life sciences community with up-to-date and comprehensive estimates for tissue material and fluid parameter values.

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