Nov 17, 2014

Spectacular Applied Research (SAR) – 2014 National Future Day

Thursday, November 13 was 2014 Future Day at Z43, and eleven curious and enthousiastic young adults spent a day visiting our team at IT’IS, SPEAG, and ZMT laboratories.

Adam, Ella, Emil, Kilian, Lhamo, Lou, Maja, Michael, Selma, Shalini, and Sophana were thrilled to have a chance to experience first hand some of the kinds of work we do at our facilities and to really participate in applied research. With the help of our budding researchers, we performed a study of the dielectric properties of underage hands, the results of which will be used in future testing and to develop specialized phantoms. The youngsters then tried their hands at soldering circuit boards for lie detectors in the electronics lab. They were also introduced to robotics and had an opportunity to operate the DASY robots. Their talents for design and manual dexterity were challenged with a project in robotics, making the first steps to design and build their own small robots. The day was a great success, and many of our young researchers and engineers were reluctant to go home at the end of the day.



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