Jan 15, 2014

IT'IS/Speag/ZMT Retreat in Bergün on Winning and Failing Strategies and Mindsets

Twenty-two IT'IS, SPEAG, and ZMT co-workers retreated for two days, 13 – 14 January 2014, to the Kurhaus Bergün, a grand old Jugendstil-era hotel in the Albula region of canton Graubünden. Their mission: to learn about the strategies and mindsets that impact workplace productivity and success, as well as winning and failing strategies and mindsets implemented by leaders, empires, and industries.

The varied program of the workshop included presentations based on books (Mindset – The New Psychology of Success; Thinking Fast and Slow; Outliers: The Story of Success; AntiFragil, Things that Gain from Disorder; Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking), heads-of-state (Catherine the Great, Nelson Mandela), regimes (USA, Ottoman Empire), and corporations (Apple, BlackBerry, Motorola, Sony). The presentations focused on concepts of innovation, competition, customers, and marketing, and how aspects related to the technological, political, and economic environmental influence these endpoints. In the presentations and the meaningful and animated discussions that followed, the participants strove to find inspiration for strategies to keep IT'IS, Speag, and ZMT on a trajectory of success while remaining ever aware of the pitfalls that success could engender.

The attendees left the Kurhaus Bergün still brimming with curiosity and ideas – the discussions continued for the duration of the travel back to Zürich – eager to apply the lessons learned during the retreat to shore up our leadership in core competencies, to develop new directions of technological achievement, and to maintain a healthy and progressive working atmosphere at Z43.