Feb 12, 2013

Electrified into 2013

On January 18th, the Zurich EWZ Unterwerk Selnau Event Hall opened its doors for our most spectacular Annual Party in recent memory: the IT'IS - Speag - ZMT "Electrified into 2013" Party. For one night, the 4430 cubic meters of crude concrete were transformed into an exquisite dinner and party venue. At three 40-meter-long tables, dressed with majestic chandeliers and tasteful flower arrangements, sat the 182 guests who joined Z43 to celebrate the achievements of 2012 and usher in a new year of successes. After a superb five-course meal served with tact and professionalism by the Franzoli team, our intrepid director, clad in work overalls and hardhat, mounted the ca. 3 m high platform for the traditional toast, a very entertaining multimedia suite of amusing anecdotes and sincere acknowledgements, which he delivered with panache and natural comic timing. By the time midnight struck, the night was still young, and the Tin Soldiers played their first chords to invite the remaining guests to the dance floor for another 4 hours of entertainment. From the slick invitation flyer to the neon logos decorating the wall, not a single detail was overlooked – the months of preparation were rewarded with a perfectly orchestrated event.

A hearty THANK YOU! to everyone who contributed to making this party the great event that it was and to all the guests who enjoyed this memorable occasion.


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