Apr 27, 2012

NIEHS Systems at IITRI Updated

During the last few weeks, Dr. Myles Capstick from IT'IS (see photo, 2nd from the left) has updated the NIEHS system located at IITRI in Chicago, USA for higher power, and recalibrated all sensors after the pilot and pre-chronic studies were completed last year. Myles, the project leader responsible for the exposure system, has designed, manufactured, and installed the 21 reverberation chambers during the years 2005–2006 and has maintained them since then.

The 3rd party reevaluation of the system's performance was carried out during the week of April 23–27, before the chronic study is due to commence in June, by the NIST experts Drs Galen Koepke (1st from the right), John Ladbury (2nd from the right) and William Young (1st from the left). Niels Kuster (3rd from the left) briefly joined the team together with Dave McCormick (of IITRI) and Michael Wyde (of NIEHS) to discuss the coming 2.5 years' technical needs.