Nov 30, 2012

Innovation Retreat

Twenty-one Speag, ZMT, and IT'IS coworkers gathered for a two-day get away in the home town of Brother Klaus, alias Niklaus von der Flüe, in Flüeli-Ranft. The mission of the retreat was to explore the concept of innovation, identify what already makes us successful innovators, and what we can learn from other success stories to boost our own innovation machine. The result was a plethora of fresh ideas borrowed from various books about innovation and from Einstein's, Jobs', Jiro's, Brother Klaus', and the Bell Labs' biography on how to keep and strengthen our innovative momentum, on how we can strive to retain leadership in our core fields of competence while continuoulsy exploring novel areas of technological development, and on how to further our ultimate aim of transforming new scientific understanding into new products and services that positively impact people's life quality.

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