Mar 16, 2011

Updated Program Available for the International Workshop on RF Hotspots & Thermal Hazards

MRI+ announces the 'Thermal Workshop on RF Hotspots' with international experts and FDA to discuss RF safety of MR scanners and develop concepts for future safety guidelines. 

MRI+ is a research consortium initiated under the funding umbrella EUREKA of the European Union to develop a new basis for assessing the RF safety of MR scanners. As the importance of the research initiative drew broader interest, the project was extended with the participation of new partners from the USA. Given the growing development and introduction of new and evolving MR modalities, the consortium concluded that future safety guidelines should be based on local temperature hotspots rather than SAR limits. The consortium has invited a panel of world experts to present the latest research findings and to discuss the concept of setting safety limits for local hotspots as developed by Prof. Dr. Gerard van Rhoon. 

Updated program available here.